Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Privacy & Confidentiality

It doesnt exist.....the internet has destroyed the idea of privacy. Anything you do, it will be recorded and stored, anything done will be known. It is a trade off we all have agreed to for access to the world at our fingertips. It can get creepy though, such as when people begin to stalk you. Going on a less malevolent track, Facebook just announced a change of having buttons placed in many websites throughout the web where a person can mark the page as "like. With this information, personalized ads will flood you and everyone will know exactly what you are into, not necessarily a bad thing but could get annoying. Even though this transparency in identity has led to some good things. Plenty of criminals have been caught because they have foolishly bragged about what they have done. But the whole idea of businesses looking at our profiles and deciding who to hire........thats just grimy homie.

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