Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Next New Thing

I cant think of the next fresh new thing but I know something that will be the next thing many many moons from now. Has anyone ever seen the matrix?..........That would be the final new. No one would EVER leave that virtual world, at least I know I wouldn't. I say the final new because society would crumble after this technology comes about. The idea of ditching your possibly sad, pitiful, imperfect life for one that you can script yourself, live how you want to live and even look how you want to look. Why would anyone want to disconnect!! Especially if you can defy the law of physics...........because in a virtual world gravity is nothing but a code. It may sound like i'm kidding but I am seriously sure that someone some where is currently researching this. Just need a large enough server to load this virtual world into and a giant transmitter to ur brain/spine to make the experience feel real.


  1. Looks like great minds think alike. Well I have always been fascinated with virtual worlds, especially after watching the Matrix. Although negative thoughts always come up such as how people will want to "plug in" and never leave.

    If its something that costs money, I guess it will be more like a drug habit. But if its free to use, then everyone is going to want to be in there.

  2. Oh no! I wouldn't want something like matrix. I don't know, the idea of "plugging" in to something and carve your own life doesn't seem like a life at all. It's just my opinion. But as you say if someone is researching this stuff, I hope they find it after I am done living my life lol. =]