Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Next New Thing

I cant think of the next fresh new thing but I know something that will be the next thing many many moons from now. Has anyone ever seen the matrix?..........That would be the final new. No one would EVER leave that virtual world, at least I know I wouldn't. I say the final new because society would crumble after this technology comes about. The idea of ditching your possibly sad, pitiful, imperfect life for one that you can script yourself, live how you want to live and even look how you want to look. Why would anyone want to disconnect!! Especially if you can defy the law of physics...........because in a virtual world gravity is nothing but a code. It may sound like i'm kidding but I am seriously sure that someone some where is currently researching this. Just need a large enough server to load this virtual world into and a giant transmitter to ur brain/spine to make the experience feel real.

Privacy & Confidentiality

It doesnt exist.....the internet has destroyed the idea of privacy. Anything you do, it will be recorded and stored, anything done will be known. It is a trade off we all have agreed to for access to the world at our fingertips. It can get creepy though, such as when people begin to stalk you. Going on a less malevolent track, Facebook just announced a change of having buttons placed in many websites throughout the web where a person can mark the page as "like. With this information, personalized ads will flood you and everyone will know exactly what you are into, not necessarily a bad thing but could get annoying. Even though this transparency in identity has led to some good things. Plenty of criminals have been caught because they have foolishly bragged about what they have done. But the whole idea of businesses looking at our profiles and deciding who to hire........thats just grimy homie.

About My Term Project

My presentation for my new media class is on video games, but not a presentation on the industry itself but a focus on one of its effects on our society. Im speaking of video game violence. There has been a lot of debate going back and forth ever since blood has been able to be digitally represented. Research aims to one answer but there is too much criticism on the research methods. As far as im concerned there is not much to worry about, i play games all my life and im yet to get into a violent rage...... i do get frustrated though. Brain washing into violent criminal and frustration are completely different things. My frustrated rage comes about from puzzle games.....they are ever so annoying.........damn you professor layton with your impossible puzzles about to make me break my DS

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Advice to Baruch College

Hmm what suggestions could I possibly give this wonderful (ha!) school of mine. Well lets see, this first one is more of advice for all of CUNY. Fix Blackboard. I dont mean just fix, I mean rebuild it from the ground up. It is terrible the way it functions now, always crashing and never behaving how it should. I would also like a central system in which a professor can post if and when they will cancel a class. Also, implement a system in which students could check their financial aid online. I cant think of much since a lot of what we do is now through a computer. Possibly a system in which we can hand in all of our written work through a computer. I would save so much paper, ink and staples. Sometimes in lecture classes if one is sitting all the way in the back, the slides are a little difficult to see, so perhaps set up some sort of central network in which all the computers connect to and the professor has complete control on what the students see, almost like a monitor hijack. But also have leave some monitor space open for us so we could open Word or something and take notes as well.