Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Advice to Baruch College

Hmm what suggestions could I possibly give this wonderful (ha!) school of mine. Well lets see, this first one is more of advice for all of CUNY. Fix Blackboard. I dont mean just fix, I mean rebuild it from the ground up. It is terrible the way it functions now, always crashing and never behaving how it should. I would also like a central system in which a professor can post if and when they will cancel a class. Also, implement a system in which students could check their financial aid online. I cant think of much since a lot of what we do is now through a computer. Possibly a system in which we can hand in all of our written work through a computer. I would save so much paper, ink and staples. Sometimes in lecture classes if one is sitting all the way in the back, the slides are a little difficult to see, so perhaps set up some sort of central network in which all the computers connect to and the professor has complete control on what the students see, almost like a monitor hijack. But also have leave some monitor space open for us so we could open Word or something and take notes as well.


  1. Blackboard created a chaos last semester. In this semester I believe it is working fine. It is a good idea to create a central system where we have everything at one point like financial aid status and access to class lectures as well.

  2. I think it will be easier if Blackboard has a setting like Facebook where you can post something and then students can just reply back by posting comments to your post. Just like what we do in blogging. They are all in one page. In Blackboard, we need to open each of the person's post and replies. It's also a waste of time.

  3. This semester blackboard is working just fine. It could be much worse.